Above & Beyond Chiropractic

About Us

Dr. Eric Glass

Dr. Eric is a husband and a father of two. He is a family man who has dedicated his life to helping your family achieve better health and better quality of life through chiropractic.

After attending Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield, and working for a clinic in the Metro-East for 4 years, Dr. Eric and Theresa, his wife decided to open an office in her hometown of Wentzville.

They opened Above & Beyond Chiropractic in March of 2008 with the idea of making a difference in the very community where they would raise their own kids. Through countless hours in the office, numerous health and wellness workshops, and their involvement with the Wentzville Rotary, their mission is being lived on a daily basis.

Dr. Eric’s purpose is to empower kids and parents to realize and release the power already within them. If you would like to have Dr. Eric come speak to your group or office about health and wellness, please contact our office.

Theresa Glass, Office Manager

Theresa born and raised right here in Wentzville. She is married to Dr. Eric and a wonderful mother to their two active kids. Theresa is a graduate of Wentzville High School and earned her undergraduate degree and MBA from Lindenwood University in St. Charles. Theresa was first introduced to chiropractic when she and Dr. Eric began dating. She had been diagnosed with PCOS in her teens and had several health challenges because of it. After starting regular chiropractic care and implementing healthy foods, supplements, and regular exercise, her health improved dramatically. She was able to stop taking any medications and was very blessed to be able to have her children without going through expected and predicted fertility issues.

Because of her own personal story, Theresa became very passionate about chiropractic and wellness and left her own successful career in the franchising industry to help her husband open and then manage Above & Beyond Chiropractic. Outside of her family, exercise, and wellness, Theresa is also very passionate about cooking. You can check out her incredible Kitchen Driven Life food blog on Facebook or Instagram where you will find many healthy (and a few more delicious than healthy) recipes and ideas:

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