In our society, people are often looking for a quick fix to their health problems. For years, we have ever increasingly looked for the answer to wellness in a “magic” pill, potion, lotion, or procedure. The truth is that it took years and years for your body to get to its present state. Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and arthritis take years to develop. We do not look at these diseases as an event. We know that it requires a negative process over time in the body to have such ill-health. That negative process comes in the form of stress.

We do lead stressful lives. Stress comes on in three forms: physical, biochemical, and emotional. Each of them can be just as damaging as the next. Our bodies have an amazing ability to adapt to these stresses until the amount of stress piles up too high. Then we start to notice negative effects on our health. The nervous system can no longer adapt and we develop subluxation, or nerve interference. This interference in our nervous system cuts off nerve flow between our brain and our body. The effects are devastating.

How is your body supposed to function correctly if it can’t even get the information to and from the brain? It doesn’t. We get less and less healthy until we remove the subluxations with chiropractic adjustments and remove the stresses by changing our daily habits. In order to achieve true health, it is imperative that you seek the help of a chiropractor in order to address nerve interference. Without getting adjusted, it is impossible to achieve true wellness. Are you dealing with stress and subluxation? Do you know others who are trying to experience life with a subluxated nervous system, only to watch their health continue to decline? If so, then make use of this information and share it with others. With your help we can change the health of the entire community. Thank you in advance.