1.     Keep your appointments – If you’re not here, we can’t help you.

2.     Follow the plan – Do what we tell you to do, and avoid what we tell you to avoid.

3.     Ice – 15-20 min. 3x/day to allow for healing and relaxation.

4.     Take advantage of our services – We offer chiropractic and Creating Wellness with exercises, nutrition, and    tips.

5.     Use our knowledge – We are highly trained and ready to help.

6.     STAY POSITIVE! – Your attitude directly affects your results.

7.     Drink plenty of water – Half your body weight in ounces.  It keeps your body hydrated, promotes healing, and prevents soreness.

8.     Be the leader of your wellness TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More and it is your life.

9.     LOWER YOUR STRESS– Stress causes nerve interference, so eliminate subluxation at its source.

10.   Give the gift of Chiropractic to others – Help spread chiropractic around the world.  You have an amazing, highly valuable knowledge-base about this unique healing profession.  Others are still suffering who need chiropractic.  Please share this message with others.  Those who give the most, get the most rewards!

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