Chiropractors truly love chiropractic! I know that sounds like a “Duh” type of statement, but it really is true. How many other professions do you know where people truly love what they do? I think that the reason is that chiropractors know about the power of the chiropractic adjustment. Most chiropractors make a point to get adjusted on a regular basis just like we advise and encourage our practice members to do. Every time my chiropractic peers or I get adjusted, we always think the same thing, “I can’t believe everybody doesn’t do this. They just don’t know what they are missing out on.”

The truth is that the benefits are almost endless. Even at nothing more than surface level, the adjustment just feels amazing. Immediately upon getting the adjustment, nerve endings that detect motion, called proprioceptors, fire very quickly. When they are triggered, they simultaneously block nerve endings that feel pain, called nociceptors. This means that you are going to feel better very rapidly just from this portion of the process alone. When you go one step deeper, motion gets restored to previously fixated joints. This allows the joints to glide more freely reducing irritation over a longer period of time. Even at this point, your body is only beginning to receive the benefits of the adjustment.

On a much deeper level, when motion is restored to your vertebrae, tension is relieved from you spinal column and spinal cord. This tension changes how your spinal cord sends signals. Relief of this tension creates a more finely tuned signal, much like tuning a guitar string so that it plays a more perfect note. The benefits to you are improved communication between your brain and body, improved function at a cellular level in all of your muscles and organs, and a boost to your immune system. There is nothing else that I can think of that is this affordable, takes this little time, has so few side effects, and requires so little effort that has this much benefit to your overall well-being! This might be the best kept secret on the planet!

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